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Decorative Expanded Metal

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  With new technology in building decoration fields, constantly updating and application of new materials, this new type of material, Decorative Expanded Metal, brings about the extensive concern of the industry.Now products have been in a few large,Landmark buildingsDecoration engineeringSpread use.Decorative Expanded Metal is composed of metal bars or metal wire woven, according to the fabric weaving form, composed of horizontal metal rod through the vertical metal cable all sorts of design, use of materials including stainless steel and high strength and corrosion resistant chromium steel and other metals.And surface through special processing, such as gold plating, silver plating, titanium plating, tin plating, etc elements present a variety of other colors.Scope of Decorative Expanded Metal鈥檚 application field widely, adornment effect is remarkable, to become the latest must-haves in the current architectural art.
  Decorative Expanded Metal can handle into unique color, these color metal mesh, is made in different kinds of materials and different processing methods, in addition to retain the advantages of metal, and easy to maintain, and its smooth appearance, easy to clean, better meet the requirements of the designer on the style and personality.
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