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Slot Hole Perforated Sheet

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The use of Slot Hole Perforated Sheet are so many,and then we will tell you some about it.
1, building objects with his ceiling, wall filter plate, hole hole plate.
2, building the balcony, environmental protection furniture elegant decorative decoration orifice plate, punching, punching plate.
3, mechanical equipment of shield plate, mesh, round hole plate.
4, ornate speaker net net, steel net, horn.
5, industrial hardware products filter, air ventilation filter plate, filter, group of orifice plate.
6, mines with sieve, grinding ore sieve, sieve. H
7, food and feedSieve plate, sieving slice, MPP.
8, the fruit bowl kitchen equipment with honeycomb panel, such as stainless steel perforated plate, stainless steel filter.
9, store decoration exhibition platform decorated with shelves nets orifice plate, perforated plate, perforated plate.
10, environmental noise barrier with sound-absorbing board, insulating board, sound-absorbing panels.

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