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Square Hole Perforated Sheet

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     Square Hole Perforated Sheet, through different aperture size, density and arrangement, to meet the separation of equipment selection, ventilation drying and heat dissipation, sound.  Square Hole Perforated Sheet is also a kind of perforated plate, Square Hole Perforated Sheet is a metal sheet punching sheet, hole on the entire board face more than the number of holes, so named perforated plate, and some users. It is the same as a hole hole plate named significance.
     Square Hole Perforated Sheet is low carbon steel, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, manganese plate. The pore size of 0.9 mm - 100 mm. Stamping, plate thickness is usually 5-10 mm;Can be customized according to the drawing processing.One-time molding, products of high precision, small error, good quality. And can be equal thickness in aperture (8 mm thick stainless steel plate can be charged 8 mm diameter hole).Strong and durable, beautiful and easy.
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