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  • Steel Grating

    Steel Grating

    Steel grating is widely used in the platform, corridor, bridge, well covers, stairs, fencing for petroleum, chemical, power plant, waste treatment plant, civil engineering projects.
  • Standard Expanded Metal

    Standard Expanded Metal

    Standard Expanded Metal Mesh or Regular Expanded Metal Mesh is a finished product, which is simultaneously slit and stretched by a press to form a piece construction.
  • Flattened Expanded Metal

    Flattened Expanded Metal

    Flattened expanded metal mesh is the same product as Standard Expanded Metal Mesh, but has been cold rolled by a flattening machine to give it a smooth flat surface.
  • Decorative Expanded Metal

    Decorative Expanded Metal

    Decorative Metal Sheet Features: Decorative expanded metal mesh has various ornamental patterns, strong and beautiful appearance, and good ventilation, etc.
  • Round Hole Perforated Sheet

    Round Hole Perforated Sheet

    Round Hole perforated sheet is a sheet or coil. Its material is made from all kinds of metal that is punched by a mould. The shape of the hole is determined by the shape of the mould.
  • Square Hole Perforated Sheet

    Square Hole Perforated Sheet

    Square Hole Perforated Sheet may be considered an attractive alternative to round holes perforated metal in some applications. They are available in a selection of staggered or straight row patterns...
  • Slot Hole Perforated Sheet

    Slot Hole Perforated Sheet

    Slotted Holes Perforated Sheet are elongated holes with round or square ends. They are available from stock in either a side staggered or a straight line pattern in plain steel.
  • Hexagonal Perforated Sheet

    Hexagonal Perforated Sheet

    Hexagonal Holes Perforated Sheet offer a considerable open area from 79-80% and are used primarily for architectural applications. They are available from stock in two hole sizes.
  • Decorative Perforated Metal

    Decorative Perforated Metal

    Our company can supply all types of decorative perforated sheets in different materials including mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass, etc.
  • Crimped Wire Mesh

    Crimped Wire Mesh

    Crimped Wire Mesh can be also known as the iron crimped mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh, black iron crimped mesh according to different materials.
  • Chain Link Mesh

    Chain Link Mesh

    Chain Link Fence also named Diamond Fence, woven from steel wire, is probably the most widely used and versatile of all fencing fabrics, available in a variety of wire gauges...
  • Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    Hexagonal wire mesh is made of metal wire and by woven formed the wire netting. The wire netting is widely used in many fields for its inherent characteristics.

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